# Guide

# Features

  • A set of high-quality Flutter widgets out of the box
  • Comprehensive usage examples and documentation
  • Fine-grained non-stylized widgets for different types of applications
  • Supports Dark Mode and RTL
  • Dynamic rendering module Dynamic

# Compatibility

FLUI has good compatibility on multiple clients, and the framework will be developed based on Flutter Stable Channel.

Currently supports v1.17.0 and above.


Due to the rapid development of the Flutter framework, new widgets will be continuously introduced and some issues will be fixed. Therefore, FLUI will follow the official version to update as much as possible, and once there are destructive API updates, it will also be stated in the document .

# Getting Started

# Setup

  flui: 0.9.2

Then run flutter pub get to download the dependencies.

# Usage

After the dependency installation is completed, you can directly import the widget.

import 'package:flui/widgets/toast.dart';

// run in somewhere
var hide = FLToast.loading(text: 'Loading...');

For more usage, please refer to:

# How to Contribute

FLUI also needs more widgets and functions, so everyone is welcome to submit code or issue referring to the following principles:

  • Branches that submit new widgets should be named 'feature-' + widget name. Fixing issues need to be prefixed with 'bugfix-'
  • The submitted widgets need to be general. If the widget is rare or not sure whether it needs to be added to FLUI, you can raise a issue which starts with [feature] for discussion
  • The API design of the new widget is as standard and readable as possible, following the naming and usage rules of Flutter's official widgets.
  • Please comment above properties and methods how to use it so that I can add to the documentation and examples.

Before first Git commit, please run npm install in the root directory, so that it will check the message every time you commit. For message, please prefix it with 'feat | fix | docs | style | refactor | perf | test | workflow | ci | chore | types :'.