# Avatar

# FLAvatar

FLAvatar supports displaying image or color + text.


When both the image and color are specified, the image will be displayed in preference.

  • image
    image: Image.asset('assets/avatar.jpg', scale: 2),
    width: 75,
    height: 75,
    radius: 10, // if not specify, will be width / 2
  • text
    color: Color(0xFF0078D4),
    width: 50,
    height: 50,
    text: 'CE',
    textStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 17, color: Colors.white),


# FLAvatar

property description type default value
image image Image
color main color Color
text text String
width widget width double
height widget height double
radius corner radius double
onTap tap callback VoidCallback