# CountStepper

A stepper that increases or decreases the value.

# FLCountStepperController

FLCountStepperController ss the value controller of the stepper, you can set the maximum value, minimum value and the value of each step.

FLCountStepperController _controller = FLCountStepperController(
    defaultValue: 0,
    min: 0,
    max: 10,
    step: 1


Since Dart does not officially support decimal related operations, only int type is currently supported.

# FLCountStepper

FLCountStepper is responsible for configuring styles and interactions.

    controller: _controller,
    disabled: false, // default is false
    disableInput: true, // default is true
    onChanged: (value) {}

The disable and disableInput properties control whether the button and the middle input box can be clicked.

# FLFloatingCountStepper

FLFloatingCountStepper is a special style Count Stepper.

  controller: _controller,
  onChanged: (value) {},